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[FortiWLC-50D 8.5 Build 6] How to troubleshoot performance issues with video conferencing



I am normally experienced with Aerohive products and now I have to learn FortiWLC :)


I am dealing with an issue, where video conference sessions are either lacking performance and/or experiencing connection droppings. I am studying the Configuration Guide of FortiNet, but ran into some other questions.


  • Where can I manage/upload the floormap and pinpoint the APs in the building?
  • Where should I start with analyzing the cause of the issue regarding video conferencing?[/ol]

    I know these may seem like idiotic questions, but one must start somewhere.


    I have already confirmed that IGMP Snooping is enabled. See below:


    [code lang=vb]show igmp-snoop
    IGMP Snoop
    IGMP Snoop Enable/Disable : enable
    IGMP Snoop expiration timer period : 300


    I have searched the Internet, but can't find any relevant leads to a similar environment. I hope you could point me in the right direction.


    with kind regards,


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