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FortiWIFI 61E - 6.0.8 - GUI error messages dissappear too fast to read

I'm adding an SSID to a VDOM, and when i click OK i can see 5 messages flash up on the screen but there's gone before i can read them. Is there some other way i can read these messages?

New Contributor

You can use  "diagnose debug  crashlog  read" command to see some crash logs. But not sure you can see these messages which they are flash up.

Try to reboot FortiWIFI then it can solve your problem.
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I would look at any system event logs from the webGUI  and cli.


  execute log  filter  category 1

  execute log  display


FWIW:  The "diagnose debug  crashlog  read" typically gives you crashed services and can be useful but hardly is for this.

Ken Felix