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FortiVoice Call Center - ConnectWise Manage Ticketing Integration

We are looking to integrate our ConnectWise Manage (CM) ticketing system with our FortiVoice Call Center IVR, but I cannot find documentation for this. I see that multiple FortiProducts offer a connector of sorts for CM, like FortiSOAR, but I don't know if FortiVoice can do this natively, or if FortiSOAR can connect to FortiVoice to do this.

Ideally, a customer would be able to create a new service ticket in our CM system while on the Call Center IVR or have the ability to pull up their service ticket from CM.

Anyone have any ideas?

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You would need to use the RETSful service to build your queries to ConnectWise. From what I can see ConnectWise has APIs to pull data from ticket numbers, you would just need to write the API to get the data you want, then through the RESTful service in FortiVoice make those calls.  Here is an example of how they have integrated FortiVoice into the FortiCare ticketing:


It's going to take some work, but hopefully that steers you in the right direction.

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