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FortiVPN disconnecting


I have this issue when im connected on wifi and try to RDP to one of my servers the fortivpn disconnects immediately, but when i have my lan cable connected it works perfectly fine i have a disconnect every now and then, but with the wifi it keeps happening.

I have check my network nothing is being blocked on the network and we have other people connecting to the same server and they are not disconnecting.

Is there a setting that might be blocking me specifically?


You can try to capture the debug flow of working connections and non working connections and compare them

Mrinmoy Purkayastha
New Contributor

Try disabling IPv6 on the client NICs if you aren’t using IPv6. The forticlient has really bad IPv6/IPv4 tunneling and it seems to cause a ton of disconnect issues. Disabling IPv6 on our user laptops seems to stabilize things for us. Remember to not just disable it on the wifi/NIC card but also on the vpn objects under network connections .


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