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FortiGate configuration for FortiPAM Gateway

Hello all,


FortiPAM's Administration Guide describes that when a target is not reachable directly from FortiPAM, we can use the Gateway feature. FortiPAM can then use a FortiPAM, a FortiGate, or a FortiProxy device, to proxy the connection to the target. (see this link)

FortiPAM's documentation is very explicit in showing the configuration needed for FortiPAM to connect to a target through a FortiProxy acting as the gateway. (see this link)


But in my case, I don't have a FortiProxy available at the remote target's location. I have a FortiGate. And the documentation is not clear on what configuration should be done on the FortiGate. Can someone shine a light on what configuration is needed on the remote FortiGate device so it can act as a proxy for FortiPAM to connect to remote targets?


Thanks in advance.


Hi @noshut 


Setup should be similar for FGT, just with configuring "config firewall proxy-policy" instead of "config firewall access-proxy" .


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