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FortiToken Usage Log - possible?

Hello community, our service provider is said to be using FortiAuthenticator and our users access web services through it (with FortiToken and FortiToken Mobile). Now I wanted a log regularly (every 30 days) of which FortiTokens (i.e. serial numbers) were registered within these 30 days, when and for how long. Our service provider claims that such a log does not exist "by default" - can this really be the case? I think, that this is one of the basic audit logs - or am I really that wrong?

Thank you for your valuable time for support


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These are all the logs available in the fortiauthenticator. If they can't get you 30 days worth they need to extend their logging period or send the logs to a FortiAnalyzer for reporting.  There is not a "report" in FortiAuthenticator but there are raw logs.  FortiAnalzyer would be where you get the reports.