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FortiSwitch High CPU Usage

Hi all,


This may seem like a newbie question to you but I have noticed the average CPU load on my switches are 50-65% (ctrld service on top CPU usage) range even when usage is low. P.S I am using 248FPOE switches.


It rarely occurs but sometimes the switches hit over 90% CPU and it causes disruption in the network like slowness and even switch hanging.


Is the CPU in a normal zone or perhaps my setup needs optimization with a core switch?


FortiGate 100D> 248FPOE switch 1 to switch 5 on single floor (with interswitch link from 1 to 5) and then switch 7 > 6 linked to 5 in another floor. 


I know this is not the ideal setup but we had a move hence the other floor was set up in a rush.



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