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FortiOS 6.x.x is the Windows Vista of the FortiOSes

Managing around 150 Fortigates in all possible configurations, lots of HAs, vdom multitenancy etc etc. All running on the 5.6.x, none or very minor problems. This is the Windows 7 of FortiOS. Recently forced to F series and so 6.x.x which I tried to avoid like the plague until I could. 


On the 4 pairs of FGs I have running 6.2.2:


- HA randomly kicks in and out of the blue i get Forticloud notifications of HA member moved for no reason at all. This happened with a pair almost out of the box, just upgraded to 6.2.2 and one ip configured. Bam! Fortigate HA and master is unresponsive.

- Gui continuously crashes forcing me to delete the process in cli

- Gui just stops responding unless you go there and refresh the entire page if you click too many things too fast.

- DHCP randomly stops working. On one FG60E, it would not work on interface 2, but perfectly working on internal 3.

- the logging GUI is a pile of garbage, application filter will show no logs (which I am forced to look into Forticloud instead), webfilter takes forever to load (memory AND forticloud), even on memory.



Get your stuff together Fortinet, you put that SD-WAN in the brochure you are happy now? now go back and fix this damn thing or at least allow people to use 5.6.x on the F series.


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Why did you skip 6.0.x (6.0.6)


i think you missed a trick going to 6.2.2 direct


Edit - seems available for 100f but not 60f - what are you using?


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