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FortiOS 5.4 Beta3: dhcpv6 and prefix-delegation

I'm participating to the Beta-Program and I'm quite happy with the new features. One of the most interesting one would be v6 prefix delegation, but...


I can set the WAN interface to dhcp6-client, I get an address and I see that a /48 prefix is being received.

The next step would be to tell the internal interfaces which subnet-id they belongs and get the interface address be assigned through PD and have the assigned prefix being advertised to the clients for autoconfiguration.

The problem is how to do that.

Either CLI commands are missing or they don't shows up... 


Any one with a working DHCPv6-PD setup working and willing to share the experience?

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Did FTNT include ipv6-dhcpv6-pd in the beta version? I wasn't aware that they had PD support and only a handful of firewalls JuniperSRX and Huawei for example has PD.



If it's a beta supported feature, than email the beta team for assistance & documentation. That's what they suppose todo ( craft  configuration details for new features )




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