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FortiOS 5.2.11 - Address group containing FQDN for SSL VPN split tunnel not working



Several days ago I've upgraded a FG110C from 5.2.10 to 5.2.11.


Up to 5.2.10 I was able to use an address group containing a FQDN for SSL VPN split tunnel. After upgrade to 5.2.11, the split tunnel routing address reverts back to none. When I select my previous address group, the GUI states "Entry not found". In CLI, the address group is not even available for selection. If I select only the FQDN, I also get "Entry not found".


Can't find any info in the release notes.


Any ideas?




Best regards.



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What's also interesting is that, even though there is no "Routing Address" configured, split tunneling is actually working.

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Just to update, using FQDN was never intended to be supported, so this was actually a bug which was fixed in 5.2.11. :)


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