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FortiOS 5.0.2 HA Cluster interfaces not coming up (100D)

We have noticed a bug where the interfaces in our hardware switches do not come back online after reboot of a node in our cluster. I think, (although not sure) that it occurs when the interfaces are down on the other node of the cluster. So for example we have a hardware switch configured for our management vlan, on the primary firewall all ports are connected to devices, on the secondary firewall no ports are connected. If i reboot the primary firewall none of the ports in that hardware switch come up after the reboot, the only way to get them to come up is to manually force the interface down and then back up again. Anyone else noticed this issue? Rob
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Hi, I got this running as expected with the combination of 300Cs and Procurve 5412s... What is your interface configuration with the 100Ds... Are you using hard- or soft-switches anywhere? Can you post your HA configuration? From CLI: config global (if you use VDOMs ) conf sys ha show full br, Roman