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FortiManager - VPN Manager Tunnel ID

Hi ,


We are setting up a Hub and Spoke architecture, and Spoke to Spoke through the ADVPN (we have almost 100 remote sites), with 3 links for the SD WAN.


We used the FortiManager, and we created 3 community in dial up for the three links, on the other hand we just have a difficulty to put a name to the tunnel which is created with a random ID, suddenly we cannot associate them with SD-WAN interfaces.


How can we proceed please.


Thank you community.


Hi @ys1 

Use normalized Interfaces in the VPN configuration.

You find this option in "VPN Manager->Edit VPN Community"



Afterwards you can use this normalized interface in the SD-WAN configuration.

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Hi @scan888 ;


Thank you for your response,


we have already try this, but, when we use normalized "VPNZone" he create a zone interface, and note an SD WAN , our need is when the tunnel is created, he automatically associated to the SD WAN zone, and not an interface Zone.


Thank you for your support,