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Hi , we have implemented a Hub and Spoke architecture via FortiManager, using a "Star" community, and a single SD WAN interface which contains all the tunnels, but we have a routing problem. According to Fortinet, the SD WAN Rule, is matched after th...
Hi , We are setting up a Hub and Spoke architecture, and Spoke to Spoke through the ADVPN (we have almost 100 remote sites), with 3 links for the SD WAN. We used the FortiManager, and we created 3 community in dial up for the three links, on the othe...
Hi , We have a FortiWan 3000B, and we are in the process of migrating to FortiADC, and I want to know is there a converter to do the migration quickly, or do I have to adapt the configuration on the FortiADC manually, since I can't find sections on t...