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FortiManager Hyper-V VM 7.2.5 unable to connect https

Hi All,

I just built a FortiManager VM on my Hyper-V server and I am unable to access the Web Interface. I have looked at similar issues, followed guides to add web services, verify https, ssh, ping, etc. are in the config for the port I'm using, yet I am still unsuccessful at connecting to the device remotely, primarily with the GUI.

For Port1, I have the following:

config system interface

   edit "port1"

        set ip <internal ip address> <my subnet>

        set allowaccess ping https ssh webservice

        set type physical




I can ping the interface (couldn't before doing the set command above), SSH works, but https does not.


Any thoughts?




Make sure that you have allocated at least 4 CPU , 16 GB RAM and decent amount of storage "At least 200GB" to the instance
In Hyper V, make sure that you have configured also two disks
Disk 0 --> For file system and allocate to it 2 GB
Disk 1 --> For the storage and allocate to it 200 GB or more


I'm using the image provided by Fortinet, so does that mean I need to add another disk with more space allocated?


If so, why doesn't the documentation indicate this?


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