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FortiManager HA Failover Inquiry

Hi Guys,

I am a bit new in the FMG world.

I would like to ask the following regarding HA for FMG,

  • In FMG VM HA environment, can I just have 1 interface for each of my FMG VM that will be holding my data and HA hearbeat/synchronization?
  • I have a setup that I have 1x FMG in Site-A (FMG-A) and Site-B (FMG-B) then these FMG will be in HA. All of the FortiGates either in Site-A and Site-B will be managed by this FMG. In the disaster recovery event that the Site-A will go down, the FMG cluster will now be down so I need to promote the FMG-B to be the new master. My question now are these,[ul]
  • The FMG-A will still be the master once Site-A goes up again, correct?
  • If the FMG-A is still the master, what will happened to the FMG-B that I promoted to become the master during the disaster recovery event?
  • Do I need to make the FMG-A to be slave first before Site-A goes up, so that it will look for the new master which is the FMG-B?[/ul][/ol]

    Thank you so much for the help.

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