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FortiMail Cloud - Data Retention, Location & Security question

Hi folks,


Hoping someone can point me in the right direction here. Have a few questions relating to FortiMail Cloud that I could not find answers for in the technical documentation:


  • Where will my instance of FortiMail be provisioned when I sign up or can we choose from a list of locations?
  • What sort of data is visible to Fortinet?
  • How long is email stored in the platform for?
  • Is the data stored inside the platform encrypted at rest/transit?

Any feed back would be much appreciated.


Hello Altis-IT,


Thank you for posting on the Fortinet Community website!


I found documentation on FortiCloud which FortiMail Cloud depends on :


Can you tell me if it helped you please or if you need more information?


Kindest regards,


Jean-Philippe - Fortinet Community Team
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Hi Jean-Philippe,


Thank you for the reply. It does answer some questions but also raises more.


This document is 6 years old and while there is mention of 2 datacentres (NA & EU) there have been a lot of changes in that time, largely that UK is no longer part of the EU. It also doesn't say which country/countries in the EU the datacentre is.


It also doesn't answer my main question which is whether we can choose where our instance can be provisioned, nor my question regarding encryption in transit or storage.


I'm afraid unless this information is readily available to the customer (which it is not) we won't be using FortiMail Cloud.

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