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FortiLink over a point-to-point layer-2 network

I'm wondering if there is a way to manage devices that are components of a layer-2 link that are providing the uplink betwwen 2 Fortiswitch with Fortilink-p2p enable.  Here is a basic diagram:


Fortigate 61F <--Fortilink--> Fortiswitch 148EP <-- Fortilink p2p --> Antenna (L) <-- radio frequency --> Antenna (R) <-- FortiLink p2p2 --> Fortiswitch 124EP



FortiGate 6.4.6

FortiSwitch (both) 6.4.6


Q1: Is there a way for the antenna to get an IP  from the DHCP server on VLAN 4094 since this is the default VLAN ID for Fortilink ?

Q2: If they cannot receive an IP from the DHCP sever of the VLAN 4094, can I setup the native VLAN to another value on a Fortilink interface ?

Q3: If yes, then how since the field Native VLAN do not provide the edit icon for port that are enable by Fortilink ?




After enabling fortilink-p2p, use option "fortilink-p2p-native-vlan" to set the native VLAN under config switch global on FortiSwitch CLI. 





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I'm exactly doing this but it's horrible - you have to set the Fortilink up, then you have to connect to the switch manually and tell the interface that your point to point link is connected to that it's a Fortilink interface. It doesn't make much sense but a lot of tinkering and a TAC case figured that out for me.


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