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FortiGate crash after first install from FMG



We have a TAC case raised, but wanted to share/ask in the community.


I have had a strange issue with one 1800F cluster running 7.0.12 being onboarded onto FortiManger running 7.4.0.


The onboarding process completes. It discovers all VDOMS, and imports policies and objects successfully. 


Then, on the first install of the policy package and settings from FortiManager, the connection after 30 seconds drops to the FortiGate and all inbound traffic to the FortiGate (Virtual IP nodes) drops causing a complete loss of traffic.


All policies and objects are present on the FortiGate. Forward logs still show logs. Only a reboot of both members in HA fixes the issue.


Any thoughts aside from letting TAC investigate?




As per the compatibility matrix between Fortigate and Fortimanager  FMG version 7.4.0 is not fully compatible with FortiOS 7.0.12 and probably because of this you are seeing this issue.



Also when installing the config, have you looked at the install preview?




Yes - granted. But the compatibility issues do not reference the issues we are having. Unless there are more undocumented compatibility issues?


Looked at the install preview - all appears to be fine. The policy actually never installs on the FGT's - the attempt of a policy installations crashes some routing/forwarded dameon on the FGT's and kills any inbound traffic flow/packet processing

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