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FortiGate and FortiManager not retrieve configuration

Hello all community,


I have some issue in FortiManager, 

FortiManager and FortiGate connection is established and working correctly, after update the Fortigate in 7.2.6, the change made localy in FortiGate is not retrieve in FortiManager (7.2.4, 

there is no link issue, no compatibility issue.


please any one have an idea for this scenario


Thank you

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  1. Check Compatibility: Ensure compatibility between FortiManager (7.2.4) and FortiGate (7.2.6).

  2. Verify Connection: Confirm proper configuration and connectivity between FortiManager and FortiGate.

  3. Synchronization Settings: Review sync settings on both ends to ensure they're accurate.

  4. Log Files: Check logs for error messages or warnings related to synchronization.

  5. Manual Sync: Attempt manual sync from both FortiManager and FortiGate.

  6. Restart Services: Restart sync services or devices if needed.

  7. Known Issues: Check for known issues or updates on Fortinet's support platforms.

  8. Contact Support: If problems persist, seek assistance from Fortinet support, providing detailed information about your setup.


Hello @Dewa 

- Make sure that FMG has the correct/updated credentials of the FortiGate

(from device manager -> right click the FGT -> edit and then update them)

- if issue persists contact support 

A Srour

Hi @Dewa,


Kindly make sure that  option "Automatically accept" are ticked in:

System Settings > Advanced > Advanced Settings

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