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FortiGate Transparent Proxy

Have a use case to allow Chrome and MS-Edge to have access to internet, but all other browsers should be denied.

Following the guide.

Showing mixed results using the proxy, where Opera browser is mostly broken, (The Goal), but internal by IP still responds).  The method from doc we are using is user-agent, which shows ua-min and max versions.  Question is shouldn't Opera, Netscape, Firefox, and Browser X fail, since they are not defined?  These are done in Address objects, and only MS-Edge and Chrome are defined.  These objects show no reference to anything, which may be cosmetic.  We do set Proxy Policy rules getting hit.



Hi @Ken_Durrant.,


Based on the admin guide, policy will only allow or block requests from the specified user agent. I believe the policy will only match traffic with specified browser. Have you checked the logs to see which policy it matched? 



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