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FortiGate Registration | License & firmware upgrade | First-time login FortiGate |Fortinet Firewall

Today I will explain to you how to log in to the Fortinet firewall first time & device registration, license activations & firmware upgrades on the Forti cloud portal.


Below are the targets to explain, you can jump to the required one.



  • ·       Default management IP & How to login
  • ·       Check the default FortiOS version
  • ·       Register New FortiGate on the portal (Forti cloud)
  • ·       Download & upload recommended version & license file
  • ·       Setup configuration to connect with the internet
  • ·       Management IP configurations


After installation & power up the FortiGate firewall first login through the management port, default management IP is



Connect the LAN UTP cable on the firewall MGMT port & your laptop then assign the above subnet IP to the laptop ethernet adapter i-e


Screenshot of FortiGate MGMT port





Connect LAN UTP Cable on MGMT port of firewall & other on Laptop LAN port







Below link for the complete reading

Hello @ReadTech,


Thank you for sharing useful information.

One thing not to be forgotten is, to include "https" before Management IP for first time login via Web Browser.


Klint George