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FortiGate HA with "FortiSwitch two-tier topology"

Hello, I have set up two FortiGate 600E in an active-passive cluster. These are also displayed as syncron.

On port X1 there is a FortiLink in aggregate mode and connected to the FortiSwitch:

Active X1 <-> FortiSwitch port 25

Passive X1 <-> FortiSwitch port 26

The Fortiswitch currently only has the function of connecting the old switch world to the new one, which is connected to port 24.

FortiSwitch port 24 <-> old HP Core switch

In the switch manager in the GUI, the same serial number is displayed on port 25 and 26 as a FortiLink connection.

I have today disconnected the Active firewall from the power supply as a test today. According to the logs, the passive switched to the active and took over everything as planned, but the network was down. I guess the FortiSwitch doesn't recognized the failover?

Hi @angar,


Your setup is correct. When the network is down, did you check if you can ping the FortiGate from computers behind the HP switch? 



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