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FortiGate HA preempt

Does FortiGate offer a preemptive HA option?

Scenario - there is an HA failover, but the secondary unit is not functioning correctly for some reason. Preemptive HA is supposed to restore the device to its original primary/secondary setting after, for example, 15 minutes.

Can this functionality be provided by the OVERRIDE feature in HA?


There is no "automated temporary failover", you'd have to implement this yourself.

If you're using priority override, you need to ensure that the current secondary has its priority temporarily increased above the current primary.

If you're using the default (uptime-based), you can artificially reset the uptime on the current primary with "diag sys ha reset-uptime". You can then apply the same on the new primary when you want to switch back, but by default you need to wait at least 5 minutes (HA uptime difference less than 5min is treated as equal). (reference doc )

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