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FortiGate - Cisco ACI - SDN Connector

Hi All,


Good day, Anyone ever tried FortiGate integration to ACI? i'm trying to integrate FortiGate and Cisco ACI through SDN, i've pretty much followed the entire Admin Guide but it doesn't seem to connect. on the Fortinet SDN Connector under running status, SDN Connector and SDN Controller is still disconnected. I also configured Fabric Connectors under the FortiGate and status is still down. Looking forward you anyone help. thanks.


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Hello, Ctuazon

I recently integrated Cisco ACI 5.2 with the FortiGate 601E Firewall. Since FortiGate doesn't require you to install an out-of-the-box virtual machine with the most recent firmware versions, I used the built-in SDN connector approach. I've made the necessary changes, but like you, I was plagued by the status "down" message. To solve the problem, I merely turned off the "Verify Certificate" option. FGT601E-1.pngFGT601E-2.png

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Mikias D
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