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FortiGate 601e x port to dark fiber

We are creating a dark fiber network. We have a Fortigate 601e in HA and are using the X1 port with the SFP+ 10GB module. From there we go to the provider SFP+ 10GB. We are using VLAN 1000 for this "FiberRing". the other side is a Meraki Switch from provider SFP+. I have the IP addresses on the physical interfaces as follows:

Location 1 -

Location 2 -


I can see with LLDP that the neighbors are showing but I cannot get a ping. I have gone through with the provider for a few days and they have assured me their end is all set to go. Running into a wall here, any ideas? 


Hi @justindavidson,


Please check if FortiGate is learning the MAC address of Meraki switch.

get sys arp


Please run packet capture on both Fortigate and Meraki switch simultaneously.

Please also try to connecting a PC on the same VLAN and see if the same issue is observed.

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