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FortiGate 600F Bandwidth limit towards Google Cloud via Interconnect


Does anyone had an issue with the performance towards Google Cloud.

We have the following setup:


VM (from where we are doing iperf) - FG600F (7.0.9) - SW1 - SW2 - Google Interconnect (GCP) - All links are 10G

Initially we had FortiGate VM02, but we changed the devices with hardware FortiGate 600F.

The maximum throughput we achieved so far is 55Mbps, however if we put Mikrotik router instead of FortiGate we have around 800Mbps.


We tried changing MTUs, MSS, but there is no change. There is no inspection on the FW policy.

I appreciate your help if anyone has an idea.




What are your iperf settings?

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Hi radi_damyanov,


The 600F is a good bit of equipment- it will do 10Gb/s of traffic with full threat protection enabled. So it's not likely to be the Fortigate- rather something to do with your config or settings.


You said you are using 10Gb/s interfaces- are these copper or optical?


Have you checked that all interfaces are actually connecting at 10Gb/s? 


55Mb/s is so low my hunch would be you are using copper connections and have a faulty cable, duplex mismatch or auto-negotiation issue. Maybe you are ending up with a 100Mb/s connection somewhere limiting your throughput?


Kind Regards,




Andy Bailey, Christchurch, New Zealand