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FortiGate 1000D -Reboots after 5 s

Hi All,


As this is my first post, first of all i would like to say loud Hello :) I became a happy administrator who has now a chance to configure fotigate 1000D. Unfortunately my adventure with FotiGate is starting with constatnt reboot and honestly i do not know what could be the cause. I was searching if someone had similar situation, but without success. Below output from console where appliance is stopping  and doing automatic reboot:


FortiGate-1000D ( 9:57-10.13.2017)



RAM activation

CPU(00:000306c3 bfebfbff): MP initialization

CPU(01:000306c3 bfebfbff): MP initialization

CPU(02:000306c3 bfebfbff): MP initialization

CPU(03:000306c3 bfebfbff): MP initialization

CPU(04:000306c3 bfebfbff): MP initialization

CPU(05:000306c3 bfebfbff): MP initialization

CPU(06:000306c3 bfebfbff): MP initialization

CPU(07:000306c3 bfebfbff): MP initialization

Total RAM: 16384MB

Enabling cache...Done.

Scanning PCI bus...Done.

Allocating PCI resources...Done.

Enabling PCI resources...Done.

Zeroing IRQ settings...Done.

Verifying PIRQ tables...Done.

 Device resource changed!!!

 Reboot system for resource allocation




resource changed, What could that sentence mean ? 


Thank you in Advance for suggestions 

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Welcome to the forums.


I would immediately open a ticket with support. Could be as simple as corrupt firmware where they will walk you through a flash format/reload or it could be something more sinister.

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ok, I will 


Same hardware, same problem. It was arrived as substitution of a faulty hardware and it is faulty too. Other RMA for this, no solutions on site.



In my case new one arrived without issue and is working fine so far anyway weird that new appliances encounter that issue 


Thank you for the answer zajdel.

Is it possible that your unit is the same sent to me? Do you have the SN?

Mine is FGT1KD3xxxxx1138

it sounds very strange that we have the same issue with the same hardware.



No, different, anyway i suppose that some series was damaged which left probably same factory