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FortiEMS FortiClient Fortigate upgrade order

I have the following products


  1. FortiGate - 6.0.13 (OS) - I want to reach 7.2.
  2. FortiEMS - 6.4.7
  3. FortiClients (end users) 6.4.7

I looked at the compatibility matrix online and I find it quite confusing. However from what I can tell it looks like I should update my fortigate to 7.2 then update fortiEMS to 7.0.9 then update all end users clients to 7.0.9 is that correct? I'm trying to avoid issues with end users.. so trying to find the proper order to upgrade. 


Please advise.


Yes you are correct 

Fortigate --- Forticlient EMS --- Forticlient follow this path to upgrade

By following this order, you minimize the risk of compatibility issues and disruptions to end users. Always make sure to back up your configurations and review the release notes for each software version to understand any specific upgrade instructions or known issues. Additionally, consider testing the upgrade in a lab or non-production environment before performing it in a live network to identify and resolve any potential issues proactively.

Siddhanth Poojary
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