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FortiCloud internal error

Hello i'm having trouble connecting my Fortigate 60D to FortiCloud when I try to add the unit  it says"FortiCloud internal error" also you cant add it manually online it wants a FortiCloud key which the Fortigate 60D didn't come with when it was new.

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I have the similar issue with internal error since yesterday.


All worked fine for years and Fortigate FWF60C FortiOS 5.2.10 just stopped communicating with FortiCloud service on 08.01.2017. at 18:05 CET


I tried:

1. Diagnosed the issue

The issue is that Active server for FortiCloud is set to, I guess it is not responding to my fortigate unit anymore.

diag test application forticldd 3 Debug zone info:     Home log server:     Alt log server:     Active Server IP:     Active Server status:  unknown


2. Tried removing FortiCloud account on the Fortigate. I tried logging again to my Forticloud account and Fortigate is giving FortiCloud internal error.

3. Tried opening a new FortiCloud account through Fortigate Licenses widget and again there is a FortiCloud internal error.

4. Tried logging into FortiCloud, and management works. I can see my configuration.

5. Tried logging into FortiSupport, and all looks fine.

6. Tried opening a new Forticloud account and logging in from Fortigate - Internal error again.


So I guess something is wrong on Forticloud side since I have not changed anything before it stopped sending logs yesterday.


Has anyone else had this experience recently?


Thanks in advance!





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i've exactly the same issues like ikovac on FGT50E (FortiOS 5.4.3) and FGT61E (5.4.3). I noticed that in the Webfrontend no logging from FortiCloud was displayed. In logging-configuration is a Test Button for FortiCloud connection. It show me the message 'FortiCloud internal error'.


STOP --> In that moment i tested it again und now FortiCloud on both FGT's is connect and running again:-) Seems to be temporary problems on FortCloud side.


Best regards

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Hi guys, Yes, it works now! So it was a FortiCloud problem. But no official statement, explanation or anything. Or did I miss something? Hm...
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