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FortiCloud and FortiAP : stuck on "Discovering AC..."



I have FAP221E with no support contract. I made a Forticloud account with free tier and I would like to control the AP from Forticloud.


AP has a static IP and connectivity to the internet. I can ping and

I entered my forticloud account credentials in the AP menu for discovery, and only ticked "forticloud" for discovery.


In FortiLAN Cloud, I created a new network, an SSID and I added the AP in my inventory with the cloud key.

My problem is the AP never connects to Forticloud. It stays on "Discovering AC..." forever.


I tried to connect the AP on two different networks with same effect, even with no firewall.


Any idea how to force the AP to connect to Forticloud ?


Is there any CLI commands I can use to diagnose the issue ?


Unfortunately I cannot open a support ticket as the support contrat is expired for the AP.






Did you added the unique key that can be found under the Forticloud account.Kindly refer the below document how to add the AP to Forticloud.


I would recommend to renewal support contract as it will be helpful if you need any further troubleshooting.







Thanks for the input.


Yes I already added the cloud key in Forticlound account. I can see the AP in the inventory, but it stays offline.


Are you sure there is now firewall blocking the traffic between the AP and FortiLAN Cloud?  What version of firmware is on the FortiAP?  Is the time/date correct?  Where did you get the AP?  Is it possible its already associated with a different FortiLAN Cloud account?


Yes I checked the firewall and no outgoing traffic is blocked. However I'm not sure if I need to open incoming traffic.


Firmware version is v6.0,build0075,191114 (GA).


I can't find the commands to set or check date and time on the AP.

The AP was previously controlled with a Fortigate. We had to get rid of the Fortigate, this is why I'm trying to get it to work with Forticloud.


The AP may have been associated with another Forticloud Account as I work for an MSP and we took over the client recently. However I did not get any error message when adding the cloud key to the new account.



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Date and time is wrong on the AP but I can't seem to change it from CLI.


I think date/time is your issue.  Without a proper date/time the FortiAP cannot verify certificate validity of the AP.

Did you factory reset the AP after it lost connection with the FortiGate?  

6.0 is pretty old at this point.  You may be encountering a potential bug here.  only way to fix that is to buy a support contract for updates.  


Thanks for your reply.


I managed to set date/time correctly but it is still stuck on "Discovering AC..."


I did factory reset the AP multiple times.


Yes I think I may have to buy a contrat support as I can't update the firmware at the moment.

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Did You solve this?


How did You correct the time??


I have the same issue with 3 APs


Best regards

A. Lovschal


I just did myself.... Several days of testing and then I ask You and a few hours later I figure it out myself. Why didn't ask before...... ;)


logged in through ssh on each AP.


cfg -a AC_CTL_PORT=443
cfg -c


Then it can logon and authorize..... Yay. :)

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