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FortiCloud - Enable Management or Just Use Remote Access?

Hi All,


Been managing our in house and branch FortiGates for a while, but am branching out (pun intended) and will be responsible for at least one more FortiGate that will move between various locations (temp offices, etc.) for blocks of time.  It won't be hooked into our VPN so I have it connected to FortiCloud for logging and management.


Reasons I should either:

  • Do management through FortiCloud just by using the FortiCloud remote access to the FortiGate?
  • Do management through FortiCloud by "Enable Management", have the cloud store configs and push them down?[/ol]


    The first is simple, the second is convenient, but I don't know if I should have concerns about syncing between locally managed changes and the FortiCloud configs.



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    I would be curious to know more about this too.
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    I haven't found out much yet.


    I've had another user say that deploy and sync seemed to work okay, but that FortiCloud often would take a while to support newer firmware updates and thus would break sync and import for FortiGates upgraded to the newer firmware.  Their comment was that this was the case with 5.6.5 until sometime last month.


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