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FortiClientEMS Questions

I am looking for some guidance here for our FortiClient EMS server. A quick search didn't return anything for my questions.

Is there a way to force FortiClients to update signatures using the EMS? I don't have a FortiManager device, just a Fortigate 100D besides the EMS, and all I can find points to how to set up the FortiManager to do it.

Second, it doesn't seem to want to install FortiClients on cross domain workstations, even though it found them with the domain credentials supplied. Any tips on this?

Thanks for your help!

Yes, it is possible for FortiClient EMS to force FortiClients to update signatures.

Here are the steps

1. Open FortiClient EMS and go to the "Endpoints" section.
2. Select the desired endpoints from the list. You can choose individual endpoints, all endpoints, or a specific domain/workgroup.
3. Right-click on the selected endpoints and choose "Update Signatures" from the action menu. 4. FortiClient EMS will send a request to the selected endpoints to update their signatures. 5. The FortiClients will then download the latest signatures from the internet and update their local signature databases. By using FortiClient EMS to force signature updates, you can ensure that all endpoints in your network have the latest protection against new threats.

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Dhruvin Patel

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