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FortiClient v7.0

Hi to all! Hope everyone's doing good. Im having a little problem with te most recent version of FortiClient:

When I do a fresh install and do the configuration of my VPN, the client got to 40%, I accept the certificate but the Client stop working and get stuck at 40% without doing anything. This doesn't happen on previous PC that I installed before, just when I try to do it in a fresh install. I tried in others PC, even in my personal PC that got recently formated, but can't find s solution.

Anyone knows what's happening or what I'm doing wrong? Thanks!

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It happens to me exactly the same. Only with version 7.0.6 with others that I have on my previous laptop it works fine. If you find the solution, I would really appreciate your help.

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We are also experiencing this issue. I checked the known issues for version 7.0.7 and I think this may be the cause:

"811458 FortiClient (Windows) cannot connect to SSL VPN after installing Windows update KB5013942."

I hope this issue gets addressed soon!



Dear Ayumi,

Please try to check the behavior by using different forticlient using 6.4.x version and let me know if the issue still persists. Also please check the behavior if you have MacOS to isolate the issue if it is on a specific version or specific platform.

Best regards,