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FortiClient problem and proposed workaround

Hello there,


we're quite frustrated as our management users are frustrated too every morning after using VPN.

It's almost a rule that they lack internet access when they come back to work, because I better censored myself now.


The FortiClient SSLVPN, regardless of version, disables (yes, DISABLES) the DNS Client Service. If the user does not leave VPN properly (and he won't 'cuz he's a manager, director of The Globe), the service is never started again. And since FortiGate proxy requires DNS to properly authenticate the user on his device (this is I censored myself again), it won't authenticate him. He'll a get a stupid never ending popup for credentials.


Do you realize that due to this stupidity, managers think we are just a bunch of monkeys?

Do you realize that due to this stupidity, IT Administrators think you are just a bunch of monkeys too?

Do you realize it discourages users from even using the laptop at home? I do, and I propose a CHANGE.


What is the difference between DISABLING and STOPPING the service? System won't restart the service automatically unless the system is restarted, which is a NUMBER ONE troubleshooting point.

Could it be, that the future FortiClient would only STOP the service and NOT DISABLE it? It would help a lot and should have no (d)effect on FortiClient's functionality.


Thank you sincerely! I hope you'll improve the user experience as well as the IT Administrators experience because I'm the "fresh and young" IT and in my eyes working with Fortinet products is just a nightmare. Like with Microsoft products. Yet I am a fan of yours and I hope you'll improve. There's a hell of a room available. :)


Kind regards,


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Well, thank you for improving your products.


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