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FortiClient licensing

Do i need to buy FortiClient EMS, if i wish to extend number of allowed FortiClients to 100 in FortiGate 60E? I have 40 active Windows clients and in my opinion buying EMS isn't the best way to spend money.
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Sorry for late answer, but probably this can help others too.


I assume you are asking about licensing changes.


If you already managing FortiClient trough FortiGate, you don't need to buy additional licenses. You have max. number for the current FG model, in case of FG-60 it's 200.

When this license expires, you can get new one for only 100 FortiClients, it's slightly cheaper . Or you can buy 2x100 clients license for the maximum number for the model but it's actually more expensive comparing with previous pricelists.


If you want to manage FortiClients with EMS, then you need to buy EMS license, again in 100 increments.


You can manage FortiClients with both FortiGate and EMS, and this requires both licenses. FortiGate needs firmware update to 5.6.


If you don't manage FortiClients in any way, you don't need to pay anything.


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