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FortiClient fails to install from EMS



i am just testing now the remote deployment from EMS to various clients and still no remote installation has worked.


Even on same Server 2012 i cannot install from EMS the latest FortiClient On the Managed group i get an error (Deployment service failed to connect to the remote task service). I have started Remote Registry, RPC and any other dependencies i could think off.


Where can i see a more verbose log for these errors?


On Windows 7 tested it also, but it was different error. Did not keep it since i installed it manually. The Server errors from remote install I can see on top of EMS on the View (bell icon). For the other desktops i cannot see them there.


Thanks in advance!


Trying to deploy to computer on AD or in Workgroup?


The EMS video shows FortiClient deployment. It talks about FortiGate integration as well, but deployment does not require this.


The deployment service error message may be caused by any of the following. Try eliminating them all, one at a time.

  • wrong username or password in the EMS profile
  • endpoint is unreachable over the network[ul]
  • could not ping endpoint by name (EMS only deploys by host name)
  • firewall (on Windows or along the network path) blocks network access to EMS
  • could not create registry entry on the endpoint[/ul]
  • Task Scheduler service is not running
  • Remote Registry service is not running[/ul]

    If EMS deployment actually started on the endpoint, an installation log file is created in c:\Windows\FortiEMSInstaller.


    The FortiClient installer creates a log file, FortiClient0000x.log in %temp% (usually: c:\users\<username>\appdata\local\temp) for manual installations.

  • keithli_FTNT

    Kassim, these are excellent troubleshooting tips. I'll add this to the KB.

    Director, Product Management