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FortiClient don't show up

I've used FortiClient for a year on win7. 2 weeks ago i switched to new station on win10, it worked perfectly for 2 weeks, but yesterday it stopped.  After I restart my pc, theres some forti processes working, and theres icon in tray (even though i do not have it in autostart), but double clicking on it doesnt bring the console up, and only working function on right click is shutdown. After that nothing can start these processes. Using shortcut, or even opening app from installation directory doesnt do a thing. I've tried reinstaling it several times, clearing every folder left i program files/ appdata, also i deleted all registry entries which i found by name "FortiClient". Ive also tried installing version I've ran diagnostic tools, but i dont know which file inside .cab will give me any information on my problem. Also i can't attach .cab file here, as it isnt supported and is too big. Please help


Why not bum it on up to like 6.2 or 6.4 and see if your results are better. 6.0.09 is pretty dang old code at this point and with the way Win10 decides to just remove $h!t from your computer as it sees fit, I'd upgrade - Any reason not to?


Here is the exact procedure you should use when uninstalling. Doc is a little dated but should be mostly the same

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