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FortiClient VPN command line errors

 FortiClient VPN v. with FortiClientTools


   I want to connect to the VPN from the command line. For this I use the auxiliary tool from FortiClientTools.


e.g. FortiSSLVPNclient.exe connect -s MyCompanyName i -m -q (No Certificate)


    Forticlient ssl vpn connected but no bytes recieved . If I don't use the command line, everything works perfectly.  What is the difference or where is the mistake ?  Specify that if i use an older version of Forticlient I do not encounter this problem. 





Mine is split tunnel, but I have no idea why that would have anything to do with it. The VPN connects fine when I use the FortiClient and does not work when I use the SSLVPNcmdline.

After a reboot if I try and use the SSLVPNcmdline the Forticlient SSL VPN is connected but no bytes recieved and no IP address is set on the adapter.

The only way to get it to work is connect the Forticlient SSL VPN, once the connection is established, disconnect the Forticlient SSL VPN the connect using the SSLVPNcmdline.


It does seem like we are all experiencing the same issue and as VinnieNZ has mentioned "7.0.2 is the last version of SSLVPNcmdline that works, as soon as we go to 7.0.3, it stops working (ever since the FCCryptDLL.dll file is added to SSLVPNcmdline)."

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Fortinet support says they stop supporting it. A feature request must be submitted for their Dev to look into it. Opening NFR (New Feature Request) is quite complicated too, it must be opened by your account manager or SE (not sure what this means, Sales Engineer?) then cross your finger if Fortinet will look into it. Since it is a free tool, they don't have obligation or whatsoever, but why did they make it available then use at your own risk. 

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It's difficult for them to claim they "stopped supporting it", when the .exe for SSLVPNcmdline is being actively updated version on version (and it broke when the introduced an extension to it in the FCCryptDLL.dll file): 


Screenshot 2023-06-15 104805.jpg



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