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FortiClient Starlink Slow Data

Hey there,

I am having the same, or at least very similar issue, with the FortiNet VPN. I am running Starlink Residential and have 100-200 Mbps when testing through the app, 150Mbps when going through my iPhone and WiFi (AC2200 Orbi), and 30Mbps with my 11 year old desktop. All with pings in the 30ms. However, on my 'work' computer, a nearly new HP, I am getting 15Mbps with 30ms pings. 


So pings are not delayed, but data is severely restricted. Through many tests it is usually 50% or less of what the computer next to it not on VPN is getting (again the desktop is 10+ years old with a card that old).


The only thing I can guess is that the VPN tunnel does not handle intermittent packet losses well. But that is a guess and way above my knowledge. Our office IT is run out of LA, so I do not know all of the details as to what is happening. And yes, the VPN tunnel goes from Las Vegas to Los Angeles. 


Hi @Vinnyard


What is the version of FortiClient? Are you using SSL VPN or IPsec VPN? Are you using full tunnel which means all Internet traffic will go through the VPN? If yes, is the traffic being inspected by the firewall? 



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