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FortiClient Slowing Down Server

To All,

  Is anyone experiencing issues where a Windows Server is gradually slowing down over the course of a few days with FortiClient running?  We have been experiencing this issue for several months, and we constantly unregister, shutdown, restart, and re-register the FortiClient every few days (2-3 days) to return to normal speed.


  We are seeing an overall slowing of performance across all aspects of the Server after FortiClient has been running for several days.  Today, after approximately 5 days of uptime, it took 10 seconds or more to simply open an empty network folder in windows explorer...  Viewing the Task Manager on the Server, CPU usage was around 50% or so, with FortiClient Scheduler (32 bit) using most of the CPU resource.  Normal CPU usage on our server is less than 10%...  After shutting down FortiClient, normal operations return immediately.  Even restarting FortiClient seems to work well for a while.  


  We are running Server 2012R2 on a host server and two virtual servers through HyperV.  We have the latest version of FortiClient (5.2.3) loaded on the server and all clients.  I understand that previous versions of FortiClient were not supported for server installation, but the release notes say that 5.2.3 is compatible with Server 2012R2.


  Thanks in advance for your help on this matter







I have the same problem. 

Running 5.6.2 in windows 2012R2 AD controller and it looks like the firewall plugin that it taking all the CPU.


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