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FortiClient SSL VPN connection over Open VPN TLS

Hello, I have just set up my own Open VPN server on Mikrotik and do connect to it from MacOS client. I am redirecting all traffic.

Unfortunately, when I try to connect to Fortinet VPN it just hangs up in 'connecting' status and then throws 'connection error. request timed out' message.

If I disconnect from Open VPN session or change rerouting so that not all traffic goes through Open VPN, then Fortinet connection is fine.

I wonder what I can do in this case and why there is a conflict between these two VPNs. Is this expected or an edge case? Would Fortinet SSL work over other VPNs like IPsec or Wireguard (assuming I will route all the traffic via them)

Thanks in advance.


Hi @idomaret,


FortiClient might conflict with other VPN client. You can run packet capture and sslvpn debug to see if the traffic reaches the FortiGate when trying to connect over Open VPN.



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I do not have any access to FortiGate, I am just a client. But yes, from their side they say no activity is visible, so I assume that's the reason for timed-out message and Open VPN client somehow prevents Fortinet from initiating the connection.

Do you think that if the Open VPN client is a router that will assign my MAC an IP that would change everything as there will be no VPN Clients conflict on the device and Fortinet should be able to establish the connection?

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I have tested this on Windows..and you know, Fortinet established SSL connection just fine after I made a VPN tunnel with Open VPN. In network adapters Open Vpn and Fortinet do have 2 different adapters for each.

What does it mean, Mac Os limitations?

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Anyone, any thoughts on this? How to bypass this in macOS?

I have tried in Android, also no luck, but for Android there is info that only one VPN is possible, so that's expected. No info on this for Mac, so I assume it should be possible to have Fortinet over Open Vpn the same way as in Windows.


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