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FortiClient: Error find interface for local_gwy

Hi All


I need some assistance here and cannot find a solution for this anywhere.

We have a home based user who intermittently struggles to connect to the VPN. The Diag errors reads as follows:

19.05.2020 09:12:17       Error      VPN       FortiSslvpn: 60992: Error find interface for local_gwy 9a86d40a


The fortigate is on version 5.6.9.

The forticlient the user is using is,

And the user is running windows 10


No other VPN software is installed on the users windows machine.


Thanks in advance

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Alot of my users are getting the same thing this will then disconnect the Terminal server sessions but Forticlient will stay connected seeing the same errors in the logs from users Laptops hopefully someone on here has a fix we have users using the latest version of the client.



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I'm betting you have some other virtual-adapter installed on the winhost. That's the only other thing that I've ran across that has cause this issue.


I would remove the fc and reinstall and the profile build it back up manually ( do not carry anything over )


Ken Felix




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Hi there


Unfortunately not there isn't another virtual adapter but the forticlients.

We also tried a fresh reinstall but the error persists at random with this user specifically.


Which is strange.


The Conditions around the VPN are the same for his colleagues but they are fine.


Kind Regards

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I had same problem and same error message in the log with Forticlient VPN from my home. In the home, I have internet/wifi from two different cable modems (same provider). When I changed the wifi network, the problem has dissapeared.






Mesmo problema com um cliente, a VPN permanece conectada, porem não acessa a rede de servidores, após habilitar o SSL, a conexão voltou ao normal!


 Google translate: Same problem with a client, the VPN remains connected, but does not access the server network, after enabling SSL, the connection returned to normal!




I had faced the similar error on FortiClient for only one user. And when checked the FortiClient logs i saw similar error "Error find interface for local_gwy".

And checked for installed applications on that system and found there was Cisco VPN client installed along with FortiClient.

As Cisco VPN client was no longer in use i removed the application and post removing it the problem got resolved.

FortiClient VPN for user started working properly. 


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