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FortiClient EMS Publish EMS Server

One of our customer need to publish the EMS server please could you support me with required details of procedures that I can follow to proceed with that request.

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What information do you need.

All information about the product is saved in the documentation:


Please take a look at

on that plattform you will found a lot of course material to learn more about the Fortinet products.


From my point of view, it's highly recommended to learn how FortiEMS and FortiClient works first, before you realise a customer project.



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actually the project has been done and all configurations done, teste and working fine. but my customer ask to publish the EMS server for the external connectivity and updates from the client to EMS server. 

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Hey MNabeel,

you're essentially looking to make the EMS server reachable from public Internet?

If the server hosting the EMS already has a public IP, you only have to ensure that FortiClients will resolve the EMS FQDN to that public IP.

If it doesn't have a public IP, you would have to do some kind of port-forwarding setup on your edge firewall; traffic to a particular public IP/port would be forwarded to EMS. In addition, the EMS FQDN would have to resolve to that particular public IP/port so when FortiClients try to connect to the EMS FQDN, it hits your edge firewall and your edge firewall forwards to EMS.

The setup is essentially the same as for any internal server you're trying to make accessible from public Internet.

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Hi MNabeel,


This guide may help you:


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