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FortiClient EMS Domain not updating object OU path

When syncing to an AD Domain it does not update the "Full Group Path" for an endpoint if it has been moved in the Domain.  It only seems to show the first OU that it was detected in and no matter where the object gets moved to in AD it always shows the same path.


Is there any way to fix this? Or move the group manually?


Thanks for posting. Unfortunately my debug logs show everything syncing fine. Correctly detects the devices in their correct OUs but never changes the devices location in the EMS tree.

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To update. I have just updated my EMS server to 7.0.9

After this I was unable to get my EMS tags that relied on domain groups to work so I deleted the domain sync and recreated it again.  Now it seems to be moving devices between OUs when they are moved in the domain.  I am not sure if I was using Simple "Bind Type" before (I could not find any explanation in the documentation that explains the differences) but I am now using Regular which is working now at least.


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