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FortiClient EMS Backup

I'm trying to backup a FortiClient EMS 6.4.7 server prior to an upgrade. The back up fails with ...

"An error occurred while creating the backup."



There is nothing in the log viewer, and restarting the server or host OS makes no difference.

I have tried backup up in both the application and via web management, and using different browsers.

Before I log a ticket, has anyone got any idea what the issue may be, or how to resolve it?





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I would be curious to see what, if anything you can see in the CLI. Whether you can do a backup from the CLI to a TFTP or a local backup; there is nothing in the documentation about it.

I would try and see what disk check options you have in the CLI, and whether you can do a fsck.

Also check the disk space on the server and make sure there is sufficient space to perform a backup.


Failing all of that, yes, this sounds like a ticket for TAC.

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What i Would suggest is to check the FortiClient EMS installation Path
InstallDrive\Program Files x86\Fortinet\ForticlientEMS\db.conf file 

there should be a path declared where and this folder should be shared and able to write to it



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