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FortiClient Android Issue Reporting & Troubleshooting

When reporting issues for FortiClient Android, an informative log will greatly speed up our investigation. Please follow steps below: 1. clear the old log, Open FortiClient, go to about page -> " Report Problem" -> go to the bottom, click " Clear Logs" 2. connect your VPN to reproduce the problem; 3. go to about page -> " Report Problem" -> check " Include logs" -> then send it to us.

**** Routing issue on some devices **** Some Android devices, e.g., HTC Rezound with Android 4.0.3, have routing tables that are not compatible with FortiClient. When connecting via cellular network, no app traffic pass through. Here is how you can determine whether your device has such compatibility issue: 1. Connect VPN; 2. Open a terminal emulator, run command ip rule list The output will show ip rules, e.g. 2500: from all to <a.b.c.d/24> lookup <routing table A> Then run command ip route show table <routing table A> The output will show routes in <routing table A> <a.b.c.d/24> dev tun0 scope link If you don' t see the desired route in routing table, your device is not compabitle. Please let us know if your device is not compatible for future reference.

Some Android devices may not support VPN with stock ROM. If that' s the case, the log will show: E/VpnJni ( 422): Cannot allocate TUN: Bad file number Some Android app may be able to workaround the issue, e.g. TUN.ko Installer.
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