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FortiCamera + FortiRecorder

I am a big fan of Fortinet products and I noticed that they also sell (amongst many other things) some security cameras and a dvr system aptly named FortiCamera and FortiRecorder respectively, lol. I want to install a camera system of some sort in my home that I control, not some cloud service that I have to pay a subscription fee for and dont really own my data.

Has anyone used these Forticameras and FortiRecorder? Do you like it? Looking for any real world experience with these products. Thanks.

Hi fihalbate,


Thank you for using our forums. Normally, we'd make sure an expert answers your questions, but in this case I understand you're primarily looking for discussion with other customers.


Feel free to let us know if you'd like any questions answered. In the meantime, this reply will hopefully generate some more discussion in this topic.


Kind regards,

Stephen - Fortinet Community Team
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