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FortiAuthenticator User[USERNAME] is a remote user. Password reset is not supported.

So I currently have a Remote Auth server which is using LDAP.  When I click on the Forgot My Password link it gives me the error "User[USERNAME] is a remote user. Password reset is not supported".


I just had a support call with Fortinet and they mentioned this is not supported.  The only ways to reset your password through the portal is to login to the portal and change your password or if in AD the option to change password on next login is set.  


I should have asked when I had the support engineer on but is it possible to do this with some other authentication feature like maybe FSSO?  I have done some research and couldn't find a definitive answer.


Anyone have any ideas?  I'd like to have users who may be traveling and forgot their passwords be able to go to a website and click the forgot password link and be able to change it themselves without IT intervention.


The 4.0 release notes state its supported:  "FortiAuthenticatorTM 4.0 extends the local user self-service password reset capability to support Active Directory user password management."


Maybe they can use the FSSO self service portal





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