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FortiAuthenticator - 802.1x authentication failed


When our users want to connect to SSID by checking the option "connect with credential windows" we have the error message "connection failed":

Message of FortiAuthenticator:

802.1x authentication failed => CIRCUS\firstname.lastname



If they log in manually with their login "firstname.lastname" and password it's works.

Thanks in advanced


hey, @heriherwanto

1) Is your FAC joined to the LDAP as machine entity?

2) Have you enabled "Use Windows AD domain authentication" in Radius Policy?



Hi All,


2022-10-18T15:27:44.545042+07:00 FACMHP radiusd[13111]: (36) facauth: Remote ldap user 'misniru': NULL password is not allowed

The above message error will be solved if your FAC is domain-Joined.


FAC Domain Joined.png

and you have enabled the option "Use Windows AD Domain Authentication" in your Radius Policy that matches the Users.


Use Windows AD.png

Best Regards


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When FortiAuthenticator reports that 802.1x authentication has failed, it could be due to a number of reasons. Here are some troubleshooting steps you can take:

Check the configuration: Verify that the FortiAuthenticator configuration for the 802.1x authentication is correct. Ensure that the RADIUS server settings are accurate and that the correct shared secret is in place.

Verify connectivity: Verify that the FortiAuthenticator can communicate with the RADIUS server. Ensure that the RADIUS server is accessible, and that there are no network issues between the FortiAuthenticator and the RADIUS server.

Check the logs: Check the FortiAuthenticator logs for any error messages related to the failed authentication. This may provide insights into the cause of the issue.


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