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FortiAuthenticator (6.1.0) cannot delete expired or revoked certificate


I have configured FAC as CA and generatin certificates on it then exporting them into machines. Everything is working fine but when certificate has expired or revoked, I cannot delete it from list Certificate Management -> End Entities -> Users.

After I select certificate, the Delete option is gray.

I want to delete this because I have Certificate Expiry notification which should send me email with warning that certificate will expire in X days, and it's sending me mails everyday about this certificates that have already expired and I cannot delete them from expired list... I am enclosing screenshot (as you can see I cannot delete cert from list).


I would appreciate any help,

Best Regards,



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Was this ever corrected i am on 6.2.1 and still have this issues


if you're facing this issue explained in this article:

and still cannot delete certificate when the certificate is revoked and expired (as described in the article) then maybe you can try this out:




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